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Homart group has so far established its footprint in 9 countries across Africa including Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Malawi, Ethiopia Ivory Coast, Mali and they are soon settling in Zambia and Guinea. This giant Corporation operates businesses in wholesale, logistics, manufacturing, real estate, hotel and restaurant in the aforementioned countries.
It also owns franchises of international Chinese companies such as WINTO Ceramics FAENZA Ceramics, and LESSO which manufactures and supplies PVC conduit pipes and fittings. It is also one of the largest construction materials suppliers in East Africa.
Homart group also provides financial guidance to starting entrepreneurs in terms of real estate investment.
“Investing is a tool for Building Wealth and cannot be executed as a get-rich-quick scheme” observes Tiger, Homart chairman. As an expert investor, Tiger and his partners are always willing to provide guidance about market research techniques, the budget to invest, how to rent a factory in case no plant has been established for start-ups and also recommendations on financial institutions where loans are acquired with the least interest.
Since 2009, when the group started its operations in Rwanda, Homart Group opened a large chain of businesses in Kigali including Kigali Ceramics Limited, Phoenix Plaza Apartments, Mall Hotel, Sirius Logistics Limited, Sino-African international travel agency Limited, among others.

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