Other Projects By the Developer

Here are some of the other project the developers are involved in or have completed

Dmall Hotel

Located in Nyarutarama near the Tanzanian embassy, DMALL HOTEL is a seven-floor modern eco landmark that was established in April~ 2017. It comprises of 36 deluxe rooms and suites. The hotel promises an unmatched experience in its luxury accommodations filled with natural light, contemporary, custom furnishings and state-of the- art technology. It is best known for its oriental cuisine that will suit your palate. DMALL HOTEL goes beyond the usual comfy beds and room service and blows you away with its complementary treats including a walk-out terrace with outdoor furniture that will have you enjoying a panoramic view on Kigali lush green sceneries and at night, star skies hovering above the hotel's gorgeous landscape. For game lovers, there is a casino with an extensive selection of slot machines and table games ranging from poker to blackjack and complimented by DMALL hotel cocktail menu, croft beers, specialty whiskies and bourbon. In the serenity and luxury of the hotel, customers can also benefit from an in-house shopping facility open on a 24 hour basis, a conference room, laundry services and support for air ticket booking and car hiring


Kigali Ceramics

Kigali Ceramics Ltd, located in the Kigali Special Economic Zone was established in 2009 and is a major importer of building materials in Rwanda. It owns franchises of modern manufacturing companies such as WINTO Ceramics, located In China which produces and sells tiles with refined quality and FAENZA Ceramics which deals in sanitary ware, bathtub, shower bath, faucets and other household supplies that meet international standards. Kigali Ceramics is the largest retailer of LESSO, an international manufacturer of PVC conduit pipes and fittings. LESSO pipes are known worldwide for being unbreakable, and having resistance to corrosion and fire.

kigali plastics (18)

Kigali Plastics

Spread on 4 acres In Kigali Special Economic Zone, KIGALI PLASTICS LTD that was established in 2013 is the leading manufacturer of PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) LI-piping systems in Rwanda, the third largest selling plastic commodity. PVC pipes are usually used for distribution of tap water, under and surface drainage and sewerage systems. KIGALI PLASTICS pipes are renowned for their durability, environmentally sound properties, performance and resistance to corrosion and flames. With a total of four manufacturers in the whole country, HOMART Group owns 60% of the market share in PVC pipes while the remaining manufacturers own 40%. These pipes are also useful in other industrial installations such as irrigation, conduit, plumbing and water supply.

phoenix plaza phase 1 (11)

Phoenix Plaza Phase 1

In the past 5 years Rwanda has experienced a boom in high-end apartments construction but as hard as it is to stand out in the Kigali’s microcosm, Phoenix Plaza, a highly recommended urban dwelling situated near the Kigali special economic zone adjacent to Kigali International Airport has been recognized as one of the most exclusive addresses.
The luxury apartment building, spread over 10,000 square meters, gets its distinction from unique fully furnished apartments comprising of a club house, swimming pool, restaurant and supermarket. Given its proximity to the airport, an airport/city centre shuttle will soon be introduced. Additionally, car rental services are available, making it easier especially for tourist to travel to an array of destinations around Kigali
Currently expansion plans in place promise rental apartments that will suit the need of clients looking for lofts or luxury high-rise penthouses.

Phoenix Plaza Apartments